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    The Inspection on Reconstruction of wastewater treatment system project is approved by Zhuhai Baota Petrochemical Group2015-05-15

    Zhuhai Baota Petrochemical Group is located in Zhuhai Gaolan port development zone, in Zhuhai city, Guangdong Province,mainly in the processing of heavy oil and various  blend oils. As a well-known domestic petrochemical enterprise in China, Zhuhai Baota Petrochemical has Production and processing capabilities, including electric desalination, 1.5 million tons/year and atmospheric devices, and 800,000tons/year catalytic device, polypropylene plant, and hydrogen production plant.

    The designed influent water of sewage treatment plant designed by Dasmart Environmental Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is about 40m3/h, 53m 3/h in rush hour. Sewage consists of three-level electrode salting water, oily water, sewage and oil containing water. Influent COD remained at 2000-4000mg/l,  up to 7000mg/l during peak periods; volatile phenol is around 150mg/l while sulfide greater than 20mg/l;SS reaches the peak of 20000mg/l.

    Treatment of sewage system renovation project in the whole still keeps the "oil separation - two flotation - A/O- coagulation sedimentation - Biological Aerated Filter(BAF)" process ideas. Transformation content is mainly aimed at the complex situation of heavy oil composition, using the new technology to strengthen the treatment effect of each unit, to ensure that the discharge of the water stable and up to the standard.

    The mainfocus of the transformation include:

    (1) Add a group oil-separating systems to further realize all regulation, reducing time and space fluctuations of water quantity and quality;

    (2)transformation of the original two-stage Cavitation Air Floatation(CAF) to dissolved air flotation (DAF)to improve the removal of oils, SS effect;

    (3)increased UASB composite bed anaerobic process, improve the follow-up aerobic biodegradability;

    (4)increasing the CBR fluidized biofilm system, improve the impact resistance of biochemical system;

    (5) added a diving stirring pool  device and transformed the original perforated aeration tube of   o pool  tomicroporous aeration device to  maximize organic matter degradation in A/O process.

    Reconstruction project entered the cast mud acclimation phase in mid-December 2014,and  completed the system debugging until the end of January 2015. Early February 2015 to the end of April completed the test run. The reconstruction project of sewage treatment passed the 168 performance test in spection in early May.

    Currently the system is stable, the effluent COD can be stably maintained at less than100mg / l. Volatile phenol, sulfides, SS, ammonia nitrogen are designed to meet emission targets.

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