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    Technical exchanges with Liaoning Province Petroleum-chemical Industry Planning & Designing Institute Co., Ltd2015-04-02

    Meeting on the spot

    March11, general manager Jiao zhongzhi and sales manager Wang Wei from Dasmart Environmental Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd, went to  Liaoning Province Chemical Planning and Design Institute of Petroleum Limited for technical exchanges. Deputy general manager Han Jiquan, Fan Shiliang,minister of Engineering Development Yangbiao and deputy minister Wang Tong from Liaoning Provincial Petroleum and Chemical Planning and Design Institute Limited attended the exchange meeting.


       Jiao Zhongzhi from Dasmart


    The company, committed to domestic and foreign chemical, petrochemical,construction field, innovation and development, is based on chemical and petrochemical sections, and many other  multi-industry services business and enjoys competitive advantage on the market.

    Han Jiquan (Deputy General Manager of LNCD)speaks on the meeting

    Fan Shiliang (Deputy General Manager of LNCD) on the meeting


    During the exchange meeting, the general manager Jiao from Dasmart, introduce some applications of our advanced MBBR(Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, one of Dasmart’s patented technology) and efficient air flotation technology in a number of key industries. Fan Shi Liang,deputy general manager from Liaoning Province Planning and Design Institute of petroleum and Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, in charge of environmental protection expression, praised that Dasmart has the qualification for environmental protection Class-A consulting, design and general contracting. He said that environmental protection has become Dasmart’s key focuses and strength, and hope that through the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, Both parties can  achieve a win-win situation. 

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