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    Dasmart’s sewage treatment project of Xinjiang Tianli Industrial has been one-time success2014-12-03

    In November 2014, the sewage treatmentsystem of Xinjiang Tianli Industrial (Xinjiang Dushanzi TianLi High & NewTech Co. Ltd) has been run successfully. The entire process package design was deployedby Dasmart Environmental Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

    In order to meet the production needs ofthe owners, we are speeding up delivery and installation schedule and startrunning in the winter. It takes only two weeks to debug to meet up the waterquality standards under a very unfavorable weather condition. In addition, thecurrently water quality index is much better than the contract value, whichfully demonstrates the level of our technology anddebugging advantages.

    The system process consists of adsorptionprecipitation + hydrolysis acidification + hypoxia + aerobiotic CBR+ dissolvedair flotation (DAF) + ozone oxidation (ozonation) + activated carbon filtration.The designed inflow water is COD less than 900mg/L; ammonia nitrogen is lessthan 50mg/L. With the overall process package designed by Dasmart EnvironmentalTechnologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd, the processed  effluent water COD is lessthan 30mg/L, ammonia nitrogen is less than 1mg/L, where CBR and d dissolved airflotation are for Dasmart’s independent intellectual property technology. OurCBR pool hanging film is fast, organic removal efficiency is high, Highperformance for dissolved air flotation for solid-liquid separation,and high degree of automation. The above applied patents ownedby Dasmart ensure the final effluent quality standards.

    Dasmart’s rigorous process package designand high-performance equipment occupy less sewage field due to reliabletechnology and a high degree of automation, resulting in stable and easyoperation. Our field engineers and efficient project execution has been highlyevaluated by the owners.

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